Introduction to Debate
(Beta Version: June 12, 2012)

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All course materials are currently on line and readily accessible from this page. The intent is that anyone interested in the course can review the materials as much as they like before having to decide if they like what they see and whether or not the material is worth the cost. The links on this page take you to a page that links each of the 30+ videos and also allows you to download the full 110 page Course Workbook. Purchasing use of the materials is completely on the honor system.

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Purpose   Click here for an expanded Purpose/Background/Philosophy page.

An introductory course to prepare high school age students for participation in team policy debate.

Basic Overview   Click here for an overview of the course content.

*Approximately 10 hours of video instruction.
*Over 30 lectures for 10 class sessions.    Click here for a page with links to all video.
*Includes classes on government and economics related to debate.
*Weekly course outlines and notes tied to the lecture vidoes.    Click here to download the 110 page Course Workbook.
*Class handounts.
*Homework exercises.   Click here for Selected Reading Assignment Material.
*Sample quizzes.   For Parents and Instructors Only
*Sample debate rounds.

*Full Course Download Page.   Click here for links to .zip files containing all course materials.

About the Instructor

Ray Engel has been teaching and coaching team policy debate for over twelve years. His four oldest children have graduated from high school with 3-6 years each of participation in debate. He has degrees in marine science, physics and civil engineering and works in a private consulting engineering firm. When not working to pay the bills or working on debate he tries to find time to sail his dinghy, play a little tennis or go for a walk around the neighborhood.

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Course Material Accessed On-line and/or Downloaded:      $20/family

Course Material on Data DVDs:      $30/family (includes postage and handling)


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