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Independent Study Debate Course

This is a complete course package designed to introduce new students to Team Policy Debate. No background or experience with debate is necessary. Everything necessary to prepare to participate in competetive debate is included. All materials are available online for previewing and can be downloaded for use on a local computer. (Course Material Home Page)

Course Content

  • Approximately 10 hours of video instruction with over 30 lectures for 10 class sessions
  • Includes classes on government and economics related to debate
  • 110 page Course Workbook with weekly lecture outlines and notes tied to the lecture vidoes
  • Class handounts
  • Homework exercises
  • Sample quizzes
  • Sample debate rounds

Topics Covered

    Basic Logic
  • Evidence and Research
  • Case Construction
  • Stock Issues
  • Four Point Refutation
  • Cross-Examination
  • Basic Economics (Bonus Class)
  • Basic US Government Structure and Function (Bonus Class)