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CCNW Event Descriptions

Debate Club Work Day

Another name for the "Club Work Day" might be "Dress Rehearsal Round Robin". A Club Work Day is held on a Saturday with four full debate rounds, two in the morning and two in the afternoon. The purpose of the day is to give novice debaters and their parents an opportunity to practice what has been learned in the Introduction to Debate class is a low pressure, non-competitive setting. Parents should be the primary, if not exclusive, judges for this event, giving them practice in their judging responsibilities. A stop-start format is used to provide maximum, immediate feedback to the debaters. Ballots are filled out by the judges and given to the debaters at the end of the day. No tabulation of results is performed, and no awards are given. The vision for the Debate Club Work Day is that it will provide active, experienced clubs the opportunity to help newly organized clubs. Rather than having all clubs travel to a single location, newly organized clubs will travel to the location of an established club. The experienced coaches, parents and debaters will be responsible for guiding the new participants through the various aspects of the day.

Round Robin

The Round Robin is a one-day practice competition held on a Saturday. There are typically four debate rounds, two in the morning and two in the afternoon. A fifth round may be included at the discretion of the Event Director, with concurrence from the CCA Board. The goal is to have a good mix of community judges and club-affiliated judges. Normally there will be no interruption to the debate (no stop-start comment period). Judges may make brief comments after the round. Other than that the teams will not know who won or lost. Results will be tabulated and simple awards, typically certificates, will be given at the end of the event. The purpose of the fifth round, if used, will be to give the inexperienced debaters a chance to see some of the better debaters work, thus giving them a chance to see how they might improve their own skills.

2-Day Tournament

As the name indicates, the 2-Day tournament takes place over two days, typically Friday and Saturday. The first six rounds are called the "Preliminaries". Four of five preliminary rounds are held on Friday, and the remaining one or two rounds are held on Saturday morning. The most successful teams (winning the most rounds) in the Preliminaries are advanced to the "Outrounds". The Outrounds are a single elimination series leading to a final round to determine the winner of the tournament. The number of Outrounds depends on the number of teams participating in the tournament, but three outrounds is common (quarterfinal, semifinal, and final). As with the Round Robin, a good mix of community and club-affiliated judges is desired. Stop-Start format will not be used at tournaments. Judges may make brief comments after the round. Other than that the teams will not know who won or lost. Awards will be given at the end of the tournament. Team awards go to those breaking into outrounds, with placings based on the outround results. Speaker awards are based on speaker points given by the judges during the six preliminary rounds.