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Starting the Whole Heart Debate Club
(by Kristy Lindvall)

Chapter 3 - The First Adventure

Then the day of the Round Robin debate arrived. With four very nervous students, and another classmate who came along to video tape the rounds, we set off on our adventure.

The predictions were right. The kids were nearly overwhelmed when it was their turn to be the Negative Team as we were so very new to debate, but we did come away with an invaluable TON of knowledge!

People at the debate were very gracious and understanding of our limitations, and very encouraging along the way. We were all very surprised at the outcome that our teams each won at least one of their rounds when they got to present their Affirmative case.

On the way home we debriefed our experiences and agreed it was a very worthy learning time. The kids voted to take March off, though, in order to improve their cases, incorporating things they'd learned at the Round Robin, and to get better prepared for the final debate in April.