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Structured Debate

A key feature of CCNW team policy debate is the implementation of standards (rules) designed to focus the debate round on the substance of the topic and the quality of argumentation. The restrictions employed by CCNW include limitations on the Affirmative case structure and prohibition of certain Negative strategies. The four stock issues of Topicality, Significance, Inherency, and Solvency serve as the basis for the win-loss decision in all CCNW debates. The goal is to limit the debaters to the fundamentals essential to all good debate. By concentrating their efforts on these fundamentals the students will have a greater opportunity to increase their proficiency in them.

The Resolution is the heart of team policy debate. Consistent with the structured debate style practiced by CCNW, the goal of CCNW is to use a Resolution that has been carefully crafted to be clear with regard to its intent, and restricted in its breadth, or range of issues that are legitimately encompassed. In addition to facilitating the structured debate style, a narrow resolution encourages a more in depth exploration of the subject matter being debated.