Additional Team Policy Debate Resources

The debate "how to" books listed on this page are no longer in print. For years I have encouraged families and groups interested in Team Policy Debate to consider the Stollar books as great resources to get them started. I was recently contacted by Terry Stollar to let me know that they had decided to stop publishing these books and offering to sell me the remaining stock, which was quite limited. I was sorry to hear that the books would not longer be in print, but I wanted to be able to make them available to those that contacted me about getting started in debate for as long as possible, so I bought them. This was before I finally decided it was time to record a set of videos and create a more user friendly set of my class materials. Having completed my on-line course material, I continue to see these books as excellent resources for anyone trying to start a Team Policy Debate group from scratch.

My oldest son took his "Introduction to Debate" class from the Stollars in 1999. The course text was "Introduction to Argumentation & Debate" by Christy Shipe. The first edition of "It Takes a Parent ..." was published by Deanna Stollar in 2000, the same year I taught my first "Introduction to Debate" class using my son's class notes and what we had learned from the Stollars during that first year. Over the next few years I would continue to refer to "It Takes a Parent ..." to refine and improve my class. We also learned a lot about running a debate club from the Stollars, and frequently made use of "Coaching Policy Debate" for ideas. Even as I look back through this book now, I find helpful reminders and tips.


Original Prices
Coaching Policy Debate, $35 plus shipping..........................................Cover + Table of Contents
It Takes a Parent ..., $35 plus shipping.................................................Cover + Table of Contents
Introduction to Argumentation & Debate, $12-$14 plus shipping*........Cover + Table of Contents
*These were purchased several years ago, and I forget the exact price.

Current Cost
Coaching Policy Debate, $20 + $8 Shipping = $28
I currently have about 10 copies to sell.

It Takes a Parent ..., and Introduction to Argumentation & Debate (sold as a set)
$20 for "Parent" + $5 for "Introduction" + $10 for shipping = $35
I only have about 3 copies of these left. I am selling them as a set because "It Takes a Parent ..." was written as an instructor's text for classes where the students were using "Introduction to Argumentation & Debate" as the course text. I see this set as a useful resource for those who like to have multiple references when teaching material.

How to Buy
Because I have so few copies of these, I am not offering them with the on-line payment option. If you would like to reserve a copy or a set, please send an email to If I still have what you want, I will confirm your request and provide you with the address for mailing a check. I will hold reserved materials for three weeks after confirming an order. If I do not receive the check within that time I will cancel the order by notifying you by email. If your check shows up after that and I still have the book or books you want, I will ship them to you. If I have cancelled your order and others have bought the remaining books I will return your check.