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Chapter A3 - Debate Rules

This chapter addresses the framework, standards, and requirements for CCNW Team Policy Debate. It is intended to cover issues related to what occurs within the debate round.

Unless otherwise stated, the information set forth in this section shall be understood, accepted, and followed as mandatory rules or standards. The intent of CCNW is to use standardized debate theory and protocol as a central part of the educational environment. CCNW expects all participants to pursue mastery of the principles and practices set forth herein.

While CCNW understands that debate theory is debatable in other leagues, debate theory or debate protocol is not debatable in CCNW. CCNW debates should be about the substance of the issues and not about the relative merits of various debate theories. All comments and recommendations about theory or protocol should be directed to the CCNW Board, not the subject of argumentation during a debate round.

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