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Chapter A2 - Participation Requirements

This chapter addresses the requirements or standards that must be met for those participating in the CCNW program. In some areas such as age, specific, mandatory standards are set that all participants must meet and for which no room is provided for consideration or judgment. In other areas, such as the homeschool requirement for competitors, the intent is clearly stated, but within reasonable limits judgment is allowed to the parents to determine how this requirement is to be met.

Regardless of the particular requirement, it is the expectation of the CCNW Board that all prospective participants will endeavor to understand the intent of the requirement and seek to fulfill both the letter and spirit, rather than seeking to circumvent the intent on some questionable or technical basis. All prospective participants are encouraged to contact the CCNW Board if there is any question as to whether or not they are eligible.

Chapter Contents

Chapter A2 - Participation Requirements (full text, pdf format)